Lest we forget – 5122

Lest we forget – 5122


The title of this blog is “Lest we forget – 5122”. The number 5 represents the 5 children murdered by the Australian Reserve Army, the number 1 for another slane adult, the number 2 for the two other children severely injured and another 2 adults severely injured on the night of a so called military operation.

This is another perfect example of White racists countries that care less about murdering innocents in the name of a racists wars for politics and oil.

This blog is my attempt to bring justice and awareness about this murder and war crime by the Australian arm.

You can read the background here – http://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-05-23/afghan-official-slams-dropping-of-diggers-charges/2724588

Here is the goal of this cause:

  • Raise awareness for this asstrocities and war crime in the media and public news.
  • Bring justices to this war crime.
  • Setup a charity to getting funding and support from public for this cause. On change.org.
  • Make all evidence available to the public for analysis.
  • If there is evidence hidden making that very public.
  • Sponsor a investigative journalist to write a dosier on the facts and create a short film. From the pespective of thie victems.
  • Prosecute the Australian Army for war crimes in the hague court. (Failing this highly this court is just run by white racists.)
  • Bring compenesation to the families and village.
  • Build a memorial in the village.
  • Create a humantraian fund to support the family and villages.
  • Put the criminals behind bars.
  • Bring punishment to the chain of command in the Australain Army that hide this war crime.
  • Publises the soldiers who committed this crime.
  • Offical Apploge from the Austrlaian Prime Minister and Unitd Nations for ignoring war crimes commited by white countroes.

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