So, I watched a documentary about the War in Afgantstan and the solider were describe a nite where the reserver soldiers were used and sent on patrol at night time. They describe and sqaud walking into a village at night and then AK gun fire coming out of the house . The sothen then returned fire and then threw grenades inside. Only later did they realise the house was full of a family and children that was blown to bits.

The soliders that was interview said he saw another soliders running with a little baby ding and blow to bits and later in the documentary said he would have done the same.

It seems like Australians dont care about this stuff and managed to justiy this and move on;

So lets look at this from the point of view of the family murdered:

  • You are a afgan fammer trying to make a living as a farmer and protect and take care of your small children.
  • You go work hard on your crops during the day and then have dinner and put your kids to sleep.
  • Then in the middle of the night bunch of tall well armed men come into your village and house.
  • You obvioulsy get scared because you think the worse and try to defened you family in a panic. Because why would a fully armed soliders come into you family house.

How can the army justife this, why isnt this going to hauge, or hauge not for white people. What do you think the people that use this as justifiication to commit acts of violence against wesrtner countries. Do you think it is justified.

The solider in questions wasnt punished.

This is a war crim.


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